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"Una voz maravillosa"
Manuela Brioa
En Viajeros de la Noche

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¡5 Stars!
"A wonderful show..."
"The most special concert I have ever attended..."
"... Words cannot describe how beautiful this man's voice is..."
"... a lovely evening in an ideal setting..."
"... I'm a fan of jazz and Sinatra, and Sergi didn't disappoint!"
"What a voice!"
"... he's got great empathy with the audience..."
"Sergi, in addition to being a magnificent singer, shares his authenticity and vulnerability..."
"... the last rendition, a Frank Sinatra classic, made me cry from pure emotion...."
"This show is a MUST!!"


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Carrer de
l'Encarnació 25
08012, Barcelona

Sergi Garreta

Sergi Garreta's life includes two distinct periods: that of Barcelona and that of Los Angeles

While in Barcelona, ​​he studied at the Taller de Musics and played in prestigious venues such as Apolo, Razzmatazz, El Paraigua, Jazz Sí, Can Via, Caelum, and the H10 Hotels

In 2017 he travelled to Los Angeles and, in his first year, he had the wonderful experience of training with Seth Riggs, vocal coach to Michael Jackson for over 30 years. This was a time of exploration and self-actualization, where he collaborated with different artists, publishing 4 singles

Sergi Garreta's heart is in Jazz, Soul, Pop, R&B, Funk, and Electronica... but his father was a Frank Sinatra lover. This is why Sergi Garreta gravitates towards classic tunes, in addition to contemporary hits and original compositions

Manuel Krapovickas

During his professional career spanning 25 years he has toured and recorded with the most diverse projects, from acoustic music - jazz, tango, world music and folk - to rock, pop and experimental music

He is currently part of the pop music group Blaumut, the jazz duo Traver-Krapovickas, and leads the Koan Jazz Quartet, among other projects

El Forn De Les Arts

Situado en una bonita casa de 1890, en pleno corazón del barrio de Gracia,
El Teatre Més Petit del Món es uno de los espacios más acogedores y mágicos de Barcelona

Situado en los bajos de una bonita casa en pleno corazón del barrio de Raval,
El Forn De Les Arts es uno de los espacios más acogedores y mágicos de Barcelona

Located on the ground floor of a charming house in the heart of Barcelona's lively Raval district, El Forn de les Arts is one of the most inviting, magical places of its kind in Barcelona

Special Guests

Each show is unique and magical, and when we collaborate with other musicians, the magic goes through the roof!

When we host special guests, the audience gets to enjoy a unique fusion of talents, including some of the best artists in Barcelona

Special Guest
Sandra Royo (singer)

Be Our Guest

Our guests savor an unparalleled experience, from the moment they enter El Forn de les Arts until the moment they sip their glass of cava at the end of the show

Come to "The Show” by Sergi Garreta, and enjoy a live concert, a glass of cava in the company of fellow music-lovers, and a memorable experience in Barcelona!

Nuestras 20 Reseñas 5 Estrellas

Our 20 5 Star Reviews

"I went to Sergi's concert with my aunt on Sunday afternoon. Words cannot describe how beautiful this man’s voice is. He sings the songs with so much emotion... His aura is unique!!!! Frank Sinatra’s last tune (my way) made me cry from pure emotion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Sergi, for these wonderful moments you gave us!!! I will return to your concert the next time I am in Barcelona for sure :-) Greetings Cordula and Magdalena"
* Translated from german

Cordula Boehm

* Google Review

"It was a very emotional night, I am a fan of jazz and Sinatra and Sergi did a great rendition. I will return to his next concert!"
* Translated from spanish

Magí Martí
Sant Cugat
* Google Review

"Came to El Teatre Més Petit Del Món to attend a great show by Sergi Garreta, an exceptional and charismatic singer. He and the stage become one. An extraordinary and unique evening! I will come again"
* Translated from catalan

Carme Figueras
* Google Review

"I’m lost for words to express what I saw yesterday in the Show that the singer Sergi Garreta offered us at El Teatre Més Petit Del Món. It was extraordinary. A unique talent. I encourage you to enjoy something special, which will make you vibrate and move"
* Translated from catalan

Joan Armengol
Santa Eulalia de Ronçana
* Google Review

“I loved it!! Will be coming again!”

Shelley Mills

“What a Voice!”
* Translated from catalan

Roger Soley

"Such an incredible show and phenomenal talent. Do yourself a favor and book that ticket - you will be swept away 💃🏾"

Mariah Matovu
Los Angeles
* Google Review

“Fantastic Sergi!”

Antonella Delussu
* Google Review

"It was exceptional!"
* Translated from catalan

Sarah Mirkovitch

"This Sunday, June 4, Mother's Day in France, I had a wonderful warm moment at your concert, Sergi. It was a beautiful gift and any mother would be proud. Beautiful performance, beautiful voice vibrant with emotion and beautiful sharing. I wish you the best. That spectators flock to your next concerts is my greatest wish. Genevieve"
* Translated from french

Geneviève Fauquet
* Google Review

"An intimate and emotional show that transports us to the jazz halls of the USA in a place with a lot of charm"
* Translated from catalan

Ignasi Vancells
* Google Review

"The most special concert I have ever attended. Sergi's voice and his interpretation of jazz classics make you feel great. This show could not be more recommended"
* Translated from spanish

Alberto Gonzalez
* Google Review

"It was a pleasant evening in an ideal setting to enjoy Sergi's magnificent voice and performance. I will recommend it to my friends"
* Translated from catalan

Bel Vidal

"This show is a MUST!!! Wonderful setting, hospitality, music, Sergi's voice, Manuel's bass, in summary... It was too short for us! Thanks to El Teatre Més Petit del Món!"
* Translated from spanish

* Google Review

"It was captivating to hear these jazz classics rendered with the emotion and elegance they have always inspired. Sergi’s voice has a range and nuances that will sweep you away! A talented artist and a standout performance that upholds the tradition of the crooners we know and love"

Virginia Skrobisch
New York
* Google Review

"A marvel of show and setting in the heart of Gràcia. Great!! An endearing evening, fantastic music and an enveloping and charismatic voice, with music of a lifetime, I have heard real live music again. Sergi and Manuel, good luck and success in your endeavors. 🎼. Cheers!!"
* Translated from catalan

* Google Review

"From Sergio’s voice and style to the intimate feeling of the concert, this was a terrific experience. Looking forward to being there again. Well done!!"

Aline Badr
* Google Review

"I loved the concert... everything was great... I loved the experience... super recommended"
* Translated from spanish

Alessandro Gozzo
* Google Review

"Fantastic jazz show. Singing and piano performance by Sergi Garreta, where he shows the great work done during these years with the voice and its staging. Great empathy with the concert audience. Highly recommended."
* Translated from catalan

Flora Ferrer
* Google Review

"A show of great quality: powerful, emotional and close. Sergi, in addition to being a magnificent singer, is a great person, who shares his authenticity and vulnerability. In addition to listening to good music, he gave me inspiration and many positive vibes."
* Translated from spanish

Eva Hernandez
* Google Review
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Sergi Garreta Shows

"The Jazz Show" by Sergi Garreta

Bienvenidos a "The Jazz Show" by Sergi Garreta, un espectáculo íntimo y acogedor con sabor a Jazz Classics.

Ideal para noches especiales con amigos o una velada romántica con tu pareja,
Sergi Garreta promete a la voz y al piano momentos de gran emoción con temas de grandes crooners como Frank Sinatra y Michael Bublé...

¡Ven a "The Jazz Show" by Sergi Garreta, y disfruta de un concierto en directo, una copa de cava, y una experiencia única en Barcelona!


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